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Rainy Day Eats

Surprise! It's raining again today here in South Carolina! Ha! No surprise really! It's been such a gloomy day and we've had so many of these days lately. I'm just ready for some good ole sunshine. Can I get an amen?!

As I walked through my kitchen this morning and looked out the window, I started thinking about the different kinds of foods that I like to eat on yucky days anddd thought- hey! I'll write up a little blog post about some of my favorite recipes. I always see friends on Facebook asking for new recipes, so this one's for you!


photo: damndelicious.net

This dish right here! It is one of my top faves, hands down! IMO, you can't go wrong with this 2-in-1 meal. It's super easy to make and dang delicious!! Find the recipe here. You're welcome :)


photo: closetcooking.com

This one won me over at cilantro and avocado chunks. The quinoa was a plus, my husband and I were on a major quinoa kick when I stumbled upon this winner of a recipe. Check it out here!


photo: popsugar.com

Now, you may or may not think twice about this soup because of it's name, BUT it's worth making even if you're not sick or no one at your house is. I did indeed make it for myself one day when I wasn't feeling well but I have made it since. I really like the blended-ness of it. New word? Haha.. Anyway, I followed the recipe other than using the daikon root (because seriously, where would I find that around here?!). Find the blended goodness here. Let me know what ya think!


photo: gimmesomeoven.com

This one is labeled as "the best potato soup." I'm going to be honest, I have no idea if it is or not. I've had it pinned for a while, but have never made it. I eat my mom's potato soup so usually when I'm craving it, I just ask her to whip up a batch. Sorry, can't share that recipe with y'all... she's kinda one of those "secret recipe" ladies. People give me a hard time all the time about this... sometimes when I make her "secret cucumbers," I get requests for the recipe and I have to be all hush hush about it and say nah, can't help ya there! Long story short, here's the non-secret potato soup recipe.


photo: cookscountry.com

No recipe needed here! I do prefer to mix up my cheeses- mild cheddar & baby swiss / mild cheddar & provolone / mild cheddar & muenster / etc. I also tend to use something other than white bread every once in a while- potato bread (my absolute fave), hawaiian bread, hamburger buns- whatever is laying around at the time really. Oh snap, that just made me think of a fried bologna sandwich for some reason.. that's a story for another day though- maybe I'll post a favorite sandwiches list sometime?! Stay tuned on that one.

I hope you found at least one new recipe that you can add to your dinner menu rotation! Thanks for stopping by!

Happy cooking,

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